Gobattle.io Hacked

Gobattle.io Hacked game the shadow of my own reflection hey guys my name is spike ug and welcome to a new series where I’m going to find a new or relatively new IO game on IO gamestop space and. I will play it for a little while and I will give you my complete hard and honest truth on a heart an, honest opinion on how I would rate the game and whether or not I, recommend it to you around keep in mind that these games that I do play that they are new relatively new usually within either. Days or weeks of coming out so they are going to be in their early stages, and this is just going to be a rating of other not I recommend you taking them. Out at their current stages that they are asked when. I played them in the description I will have the recording date shown so that you can see when I recorded it so you know when I rated and kind of created my opinion on the game that way, you know what they do that and you can judge whether or not you want.

To look based on what I said in when I said it yeah so today I’m, going to be playing a new I Oh game. Sorry I just accidentally rolled up when I need me to a I’m in IO game called go battle dot IO that is currently six days old on, IO games das base i’ll games in the description of course as with every video I make um this game is a. Kind of side scroller 2d side-scroller type vampire game where the main goal. Is to just to get kills throughout the map there are things that you can pick up so as you can see on.

Health on screen right now our health potion I will highlight those for you so that you can see them a. Little bit more clearly doing through they look like and there are more beloved I’ve not played this game for that long to be honest, I’m going to be showing you some gameplay once I’m done talking, about it but you’re able there’s a little customization we were able to taste your night I can see those muzzle different player. Models that are going across screen right now and you get to choose from like I think it’s like 8 or 9 or. So I post an account I’m just guessing from memory yeah I’m going to go and show you guys the gameplay I want to go and say right now.

That this game right now it’s in early stages keep that in mind so I’m honestly going to hate on. It a little but it’s in this early stages and. I recognize that but I want to give you guys my opinion on whether or not you should go play it right now ok so let me go ahead. And spawned it here before I do that let me tell you the controls it is. Keyboard I mean is arrow keys and spacebar are the controls left and right of course we, view left and right the up arrow jump down arrow does what that guy just did it you you just, what’s the word you duck and it gives you a shield which deflects some damage a little bit of damage, and people can shoot over you say it’s ducking people you can’t duck and kind of dodge space shoot or throw this or projectile or whatever you. Want to call it yeah let me go and show you guys.

Some gameplay here I’m going to point out some positives and negatives and what I found so far, in playing it I played it about 10 to 15 minutes or so and with these games I don’t play a lot I give. You my first impression opinions constant because that’s all you kind of needed I of it to be honest especially quick ones like this MV it so. Let me go ahead and click into the game and I want to, start out with saying first I’m going to start out with the pods okay I’ll start out the positives in, the game the map is very nice for a 2-d game it’s very, nice I’m probably gonna die quite a bit right now while talking because I’m not really going attention or any of, that but their map is very nice looking for a new 2-d game, I do like the art style a lot actually be honest I do like the art style the only other positive is like I think, of honestly would be a mortal different types of biomes that it seems to have which. Can actually change the gameplay like the items debris and can’t really slow down and speed up as effectively I’m sorry to hear a lot of place for.

Spamming but that’s how you fired I’ve allowed spacebar okay so yeah honestly those the only two positives I can think of time to get into, the negative guys it’s quite a few right now in its current stage of being sick days. Old I have a lot of negatives to say for fighting mechanics it’s very just messing on at least I can, think of it how I can think described is messy when you duck on plus dogs um it doesn’t seem to actually help the shield. Doesn’t seem to actually help that much in half the time you can like, I am right here I am throwing while being down but sometimes. I can’t and I’ll hope that the bugs or what but at the time I can throw then is half, and I can’t we damage is kind of unbalanced honestly you can die very quickly and if you basically go over shoot. First wins there’s no strategy honestly you can’t in duck and dodge so that’s all you can do and really that’s not much in a small 2d map when there’s five people going, at you at once the same I’m the next biggest, thing that kind of breaks this game for me and makes me kind of have a hate factor, of it is these bonding you get no time to do anything is gone so you have no protection, or anything like that and half most of the time you when you resume your fun in your lagging as you do with most IO games and they’re not optimized but when you’re lagging, like that you can take damage, since of right when you respond you can take damage and every time it takes out of nine eleven ten times an iPhone iPhone between five or six guys tonight instantly. Die before I can move okay in that is game breaking extremely game breaking honestly being brutally honest, that breaks the game for me I hate it so let me recap guys before the video.

Drags on on one might need to do is kind of, short the first one can be longer cuz I’m it’s my first one film just trying things out but. Let me go ahead and recap positive the map the environment is to change and affect your movement the pickup they can be I do like to say, I pick ups and it’s not an affiliate leveling system and you, have to actually find things into the negatives which are mini but it is a new game so I biggest credit may ask the negative. Things will be very it tends to be too quick take farming is completely broken that’s the main, game breaker for me is when you spawn you can instantly get first you have no spawn pot and you’re.

Lagging most of the time so half the time you will get spawn and within one or two seconds will lose half your health and this, game spawn to be right on other people same can’t farm in between five people currently going you will die instantly before you can move or even realize you. Fun in it does have a ten seconds long time which I don’t really like the blocking. Is ineffective honestly and it’s fuzzy sometimes you can throw their, weapons sometimes you can I will say one positive I just thought of actually so just add in one more. Positive add I haven’t changed one ad yet which is a big thing actually I’m kind of odd not, to be seeing an ad yet it’s definitely positive there right now not having a lot of ads on it which is nice but I still, got to give it an overall negative view his birthday right now with it being six, days is owed I would not at all recommend it unless you are, a serious freaking player I would not recommend this for just casual play one bit is a rage inducing and impossible to have fun on ons leads that’s too. Challenging they focused on making it difficult and not fun they made it so difficult or it’s just not. At all fun and a lot of games make that mistake and this one definitely did so I give this overall negative rating yeah guys so I. Hope you guys enjoy this type of video I plan on making some more of them my favorite especially my first attempt at, making a series and I’m excited for it but I feel like I could do. Really good I feel like I’m going to have fun doing it and, it’s something like inconsistent with maybe two yeah guys I hope you have enjoyed the video so I hope you’re enjoying, the idea of this suck series I’m going to go and try it out for a couple videos see how your guys’s opinions are please comment. Down below so I can again so I can gauge the opinion and yeah guys hope. You enjoyed the video if you did please like comment subscribe thanks for all support guys thanks for being here recently I do appreciate you guys clicking watching these.