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What's up guys think you found s to mention iOS you're on your game Camaro that I'll choose tonight know that last result into, the game you have to show understand you're trying to start your like a knight in UF shield and you're trying to kill everyone like a man Jeff Davis over I'm right here yes oh yeah, I'm right there on the silver Knight right there I can.

Get down my shields and I hit space to tears and you know I use space to attack bottom so equation so in battle attack.

If you want it won't affect you if you.

Have your shields on like this or you can do it this way so yeah the race is all right really I thought you meant touch support attempting for someone. On YouTube yep that's testing is one, of my friends and well if this game is a lot of fun actually sometimes and there are like on place, war and capturing you know yet I just thought so yeah I'm down in the llama Ajay place now so good I am middle, of what you get if you little on I don't have a brush actually or wow a guideline Oh Michael. Sheen sorry the King doesn't eat til my hip asleep sleep for a bit of fun, so maybe here oh I just got killed by the king who do not do so so this game is pretty fun check out one simple tip that led by no surprise in my other videos I mean, I suppose. Describe and watch my other video because that really helps that really on my local notables norm is more another 10 on my video too much so we're going to go try it chill you notice for each. Other go on do it so quick charge so much each other, changing upon for summertime oh oh oh I want.

An instrument yeah I can't defend the suicides reason in people okay but this game is pretty fun check it out what, man does you know nice game is a lot you can adjust fun game to play with friends and apostles, I think I shall Toby so that's basically it for this video guys thank you for watching and don't you to tackle Maithili and have a : ow.

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