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Hello everybody my name is like leavin welcome to go battle dot IL we killed Venus yeah he's already in I'm just heading in this is the alpha version weather offers music I have no idea I'm gonna need my cord. Because that's how you play well it's kind of a king of the possible so let's go he'll so arrow.

Keys, to move spaced his fire so let's see how this looks downloading data probably should have done that sooner I hope you can hear him as well as you can hear me yeah right now pandas oh. Jesus yes okay you can hear him I turned up my mic headphones our data and Vegeta yeah there's, one that kind of looks like vegeta oh hi ah kona no Eddie X game Oh any extra in the iconians number, two always tells me we're in the same game, I am hiding this is kind of neat actually I kind of like the looks o jesus i kind of like to look at this oh my god here's spammage.

Nope whoever isn't liking my game yeah just a little ah I killed myself dulse I don't know how, big the math is Barry hey you're number ten you were, number 10 I just got like spam killed spawn killed there's not much audio to this game either I, was not with just being / your number seven can tell this this is a unicorn or nine I think it's a rhino you know I killed Simpson your number five, dude is there like a double jump yeah oh.

Nice diversion second yeah your your third I think I do I still Hama yeah I said I have battle axes that I throw now thanks Ramon Cota you're dead I found, own toda code I, knocked ona and I killed coda Toby Emma come on come on tell us Emma I chilled ever yeah I ain't working for something I whisking panda kill someone. Kill champers panda ms pond right where I killed them as soon as I became king though. I like super glitched I am the cam couch oh jesus you, are 14 and I still go for battle axes or shortened probably that one at least they can see who's king and up to maybe forth depending on how I move in my chair, oh I'm in the crystal section on, right under oh god panting muffled Oscar I'm covering I found a bug I'm covered and I'm throwing at the same time but I can't pick okay you can't take damage you don't. Take damage when you're doing that oh this guy's like guarding the heck. Out of uh some shortens you find shuriken yep sergeant he was guarding now he's guarding fusing abuse he's that come on Bonnie come on Bonnie come.

On Bonnie uh uh I got I can stay here all day I died I was getting gangbanged they're badly I got. Killed by either Vegeta or me lo and fun oh Jesus, ok I'm the Cyclops I went to Cyclops out oh hi I didn't mean to Ali why, aren't you going for the coins they never know you might fun right there I did are you yep get that my queen king oh jeez hidden door Jonas hiding in, a hidden passageway hello brandy I killed Kona I am psycho trash I ok you know where you died head back that. Way why. Because there's a hidden passage and I think only Kona knows about it so far other than us now I will wait here for. Him my brother decided to be king I will let him be king plus he probably earned him more than, oven yeah you kind of just know like I didn't even mean to kill you, I thought it so we were like phased into each other which by the way you were doing damage to me too I thought neither of us. Would lose fun fact to be one will not lose I where are you on my way up taking a long run like to deal with everybody I the, secret passage is near the crystals own their secret, past accuse everyone by samson samson kind of ran away Heidi I Heidi Heidi hello Heidi Heidi hi me & Yoder killing, each other I am safe by Apollo thank you for the extra coins I'm up to 40 now and your second toe dude like a yoda yoda, yo-yo-yo-yo yoda a maximus so, for some reason I hadn't rapid fire second yeah yeah they say it when i first used them they were just throwing normally now their life exact same ah. Makes it doesn't have like explained usage right by coinage I mean text message yeah because I feel free no Lisa died I Samson.

So far side I'm also looking at this message here lily is trying to sneak, up on you too by the way like in terms of, rude ah dude I'm dead ava is no vaccine or was until Ellis took everything I was working with math I think, because Ella wasn't killing that anyway guys that has been Joe battle do thank you so much for watching as we just enjoyed this video as much as i do recording it don't forget that you.

Can suggest game to our calendars in the comment section down below and as always I. Think earthmaster searching for joining me yep and we shall see you in the next one guys, laters .