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I'm on the run up on the res gestae my prayer is the one who is Melvin there is movie I said me there is he got trampled by, your fare mommy got you who is helping but there is Rumi trampled by your going down ha ha ha ha that's pretty. Good Barnard solo type lunch in our large how are you like you. Want to play with me oh you wanna play I know wait let's take the video good and what's the best. Achievers I've got this game today called snow fight dot IO and since I okay where you're playing against other.

People for real for real and I justice social snowballs at them and try to damage them and there's even, a bear that goes around and tries to chase you to try to to try to thwart your plans look at them go I think we've got some different colors here. Red blue green group of ants. Music for your stands or what kind of jackets you want to be but then there's also this little. Penguin some pug dog a nyan cat Donald Trump I unicorn and Vladimir Putin what let's go a Donald Trump see what that looks like clay let's see guys look, like Donald Trump over central just moving around here look at this guy I, just fell hold down my left mouse click and then when I hold it down long enough I can create a block to try to give myself, a barrier some piece can't do that and I can hide behind it but look at this boom hey. Upon ambush home I turned into a snowman and I get it candy what's this guy. I'm gonna get him only get him oh no oh oh oh no there's a bear he's meeting. A poor little guy no I will save you I'd rather die my snowman there we go so I turned him into. A snowman I got all the sweets now the Bears after me can epic on how my, wiedersehen your needs are africaans if there's something about don't eat the yellow snow but I haven't seen any yellow snow get it get it Oh Oh the grizzle bear. The bear get him get him haha oh oh what oh yes the Bears hacked somebody else I. Like to block boom can't get. Me with my block he trying to strike my block you do get this guy come on Dumbo oh I was I like Dumbo that's how you played. The game you just want to get a high score my score was through ninety eight killed four hit people 42 times gone level for the, live for 90 seconds position three now let's have a little challenge show you Frankie you're not going to. Play well oh no it's not wasn't threatening you it just looked like you're, tired you're bah bah ha ha ha ha hey bye-bye no brother for you Oh what's up FG table we're all here it.

Takes yes my ha ha Connie hi Mike it was lying no III out no play style Yeah right whatever no yes I've already showed you, guys out to play now we're just going to get straight into playing a Mike, is currently good training affiliate for and I am going luckily when you're the King not so luckily for yourself I can see where you're, wrong you are.

Right there and now you are a panda fair Asik and now why oh there's mommy look at her Oh mommy ah ah a better way see they know why like a unknown we. Are going to play fried Oh No 10 minutes I lost my crew we are going to see who ends up 829 computer. Right now so when it's April 9 I all see you with the winner yeah we're all in this same oh no, there's Lexie no she can't kill the king she can't kill the king she cannot.

Catch me the bear killed you yeah like oh no I didn't see mommy no oh. Yeah oh no there's a bear don't hit the bear or he will find me forever oh no I didn't hit you.

Bear bear bear don't hit me hit mommy pretty pretty, pretty please there is light go after him thank you hello mommy I know why I'm a king I'm the king mommy's just confused – she should be queen no mommy's undefeated oh thank you chase, Johnson candy I'm upping so far my smell singing sniffing what are they they're sorry Melvin. I'm going after the me right ah Thank You x.com whoa oh oh. My got it I'm going to do this much here's my watermelon my favorite here's my uh pretty guys different, a whole five choose your honor to my greatness no I'm not level six I mean even be snowball stop trying to, hurt me see any means it's no bossing the bear chasing right serious come and get me always eating lamb coming at, me bear I've gotta get one oh no I, wasn't paying attention in my iced tea oh and so pain doesn't matter all guys you still have seven minutes on the clock oh six seven, wait I don't know how to tell time yeah you're getting killed by the dad I'm on the run up on the render safe. I there is no one who is melted there is movie I said mean everything. Because he got trampled by a man mommy got you who is helping but, there is booming trampled by oh whoa velvet I died ah the more you keep sweet me it makes me in real life the. More complete anyways breathing me how are you playing with the bear yeah I'm humming did you get the Queen get the Queen gets a good day yeah I'm just gonna get spigen right here hello.

Jaden who adopted child my king what dog, hey no no I am we're dealing no mommy how do you always keep being the king oh oh yeah let me get that super super hit, I've got the super click we are your clique you're all against melt melting I know, I've got changes in your face you are stinky with the crowd and I'm not together laughs I got it for you don't worry mom, no I'm gonna do serum a judgment yeah, mommy's mad cream coffee say cute mommy's a cringe compilation and chases a dead little no man ha ha I'm a king and the king and the king he came. To my cream cheese by a bear oh yeah and now you're doing and I got your. I got your crown jewel who's Stephanie I'll call, her Stephanie movie no I did do it from that do it net yes Wow everyone get money she's in the bottom left-hand corner okay guys come on No, yo mommy just became king I see you see what this was ice your Papa I'll be a pasta now sorry about that guys there's only like three more minutes, left on the clock we can't let mommy win. Oh that's my candy oh oh that's my dog I'm making every the board Jason please resume don't you trust that Stephanie don't you yeah you know better yeah what got.

A rubber ducky I'm a snow toddler. Stings in your my loyal subjects engine I'm building a world oh oh oh oh my yeah and get like. Oh I'm going to take little bunny foo foo what is this is this some sort of all look at my health bar going back up huh guys at 8:37 PIM you know. What that know I'm no match against the moon, suit we have work so fast because I'm already you didn't see my face I didn't even know that that's what that power does I thought it was. Like a shield cool yellow continue every day I'm gonna get Mike hahahaha I think that Mike Wow take that Michael I'm. Just going to build my loaf for it right there mommy can't even get me because I got my auto, pick up my fork I was saving that for later Oh John save your brother later. Yes that's why my stomach maturity because I was holding that for gin okay I just got. Stephanie Oh Oh take your children it's mine I'm a winter flower flower y'all are all dead now now look I can suck an egg. Mike left a little fort behind thank you Mike. I will resume control of this out kingdom no oh no oh no boom oh wait until you, oh wait wait wait oh okay small snowballs is where it's at yes I know I am mad annoyed hey guys I'm what was that a Joe it's an elephant guys. I just ate an elephant hey guys okay very nice yes you know what that means unless you guys are, all it like zero way Lex isn't even in, the world yeah oh my goodness I destroyed Lexi so bad she fell out the world guys that is it for this video it looks I think I chose most people no way to come home now. The most Oh mummy open your dream you just got eyes, with snow in your face thank you guys so much for watching that is, it I'm just gonna go smack this bear around a tiny bit I'm just going to see what happens when a bear trying. To eat me a look at that kills I have 52 kills 391 it's. My time alive was 236 second look at bear kankakee not to bury me eat me eat me, yeah i relinquish my crown i wanted the bear to eat me you have to just let the uh what's it called the cycle of the life bears on life bears are yet a circle of life bears are higher. Up on the, food chain in humans go ahead eat me I don't want to be king anymore it's too much right now Mike say congratulations son my oldest son is, now king of the kingdom safe a kingdom yeah yeah oh haha Mike right here Wow that's how, much you don't do STD videos anymore he didn't go for watching people they started a bus Oh like with my heart love say bye to. This guy go ahead cry he's gone make this a song goodbye goodbye you ain't gosh I didn't know that you can get. Other people's good oh this is like you guys. I'm just kidding [Applause] .